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When it’s important to have trained security officers on-site to secure your property, you can rely on Volantra’s on-site security services.

Construction sites, especially big ones, need 24/7 protection if the project is going to be successful. Tools, equipment, and materials are likely to be left outside during the course of the project, and this is why construction security is of the essence.

Construction Sites Security

Construction Sites

There might also be the risk of vandalism, trespassing, bad weather or harm to construction workers. To avoid these mishaps, building site security is necessary at your site 24/7.

Construction security comes in handy in cases of emergency which can occur at any time. With your site well-monitored and taken care of by Volantra Security, you can go to sleep with both eyes closed.

On-Site Security

On-Site Security

To secure your residence or place of business and ensure that all activities run smoothly and safely, you need the best value in on-site security services for your money.

Homeowners and apartment residents may require residential security to guard against the ever-rising rate of burglary and theft. Your tenants or family members need to rest assured in the safety of your premises, which is what we’re passionate about.

We’ve also got you covered for event security at your on-site parties, corporate events, and meetings.