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The word “Volantra” denotes “a high-spirited entity” and is derived from the same root word as the “volt,” the unit for the force with which electricity moves.

We take this designation seriously, and guarantee our clients effective protection services, reliability, accountability, and professionalism at its peak in all their dealings with Volantra Security.

Having distinguished ourselves as an agency that combines an intensive knowledge of the security front with an excellent protocol to ensure the total protection of the persons and properties that are entrusted to us.



Our focus on quality ensures our staff are well trained.



We are clear on our end goal – that is the security of our clients.



We manage our clients security with full focus and professionalism.

Our goal

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The goals that drive Volantra Security are to:

  • Establish our agency as a premium security agency providing guaranteed safety and protection to all our clients.
  • Recruit, retain and upgrade the most qualified and best-trained security personnel in the industry.
  • Create the yardstick standard of quality protection services by which all other agencies in our sector will be gauged.

Our vision

In all our undertakings, we bear in mind our:

Core values

Our fundamental ideals are integrity, professionalism, ethics, consistency, and above all, safety (providing a safe environment for everyone to live, work and play).

Mission statement

We live in a digital age and believe in using innovative technology to uphold the security and safety standards of all, starting in Singapore.

Guiding principle/promise

As a premium security agency, we are highly professional and performance-oriented. We endeavor to deliver top-quality protective solutions, customer service and stakeholder engagement on every occasion. We also strive to maintain the safety and protect the interests of our security personnel at all times.

"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol

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