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Events, exhibitions, conferences and conventions should be unforgettable, and ensure there are no security mishaps.

A lot is involved when it comes to security, including managing crowds, checking invites and securing vehicles. If you have a location, music, food, and attendees, then it may seem like you already have all the bases covered, but what if something should go off plan?

You’ll need trained security personnel to handle risks and property concerned, and that’s what we’re here for.

Exhibition & Conventions

During an exhibition, both the visitors and the valuable items of art or jewelry on display need to be protected. And convention security is similar to exhibition security. For both, entry and exit protocols need to be put in place to ensure that no one brings in or leaves with any unauthorized item.

Both convention and exhibition security require strict control and thorough screening of both visitors and workers at entries and exits. We at Volantra Security have all it takes to manage these procedures as seamlessly as possible.

Our exhibition or convention security team will perform body searches, record and log, as well as receive and escort visitors to the reception area. Vehicle entry and parking will also be monitored.

Conference and Crow Control

Conference Security

The presence of security personnel at your conference will be certain to help maintain order and allow the gathering to progress according to the set agenda.

There are normally people of different ages, statuses, and creeds at conferences, and they all require proper and effective protection. The numerous vehicles that are likely to move in and out of the venue also need to be protected, as well as the equipment and attendees’ personal effects.

Volantra Security has all it takes to make sure that your conference goes according to plan and that people can focus on the matters being discussed and leave happy after all is said and done.