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Yes, Volantra is a Grade A security agency.

We are determined to be the ones to protect you since we can only bank on the high level of our training and experience to guarantee your safety. So, we offer competitive prices regardless of the:

  • frequency of supervision and availability of back-up options to ensure that you are always optimally secured
  • high experience value of our officers
  • clean background of our security officers and
  • overhead and Incidental costs of our agency and our officers

Details like the type of the event and level of security needed are also big influences on what the price for our services could turn out to be for your unique situation. Late-night security services are generally more expensive because of the additional risks.

Nevertheless, Volantra officers are intensively drilled and expertly trained to secure, and our focus is always on keeping you safe before anything else. That’s why we our rates are always the friendliest you’ll get.

For a quote tailored to your situation and specific requirements, you can make your inquiries at, or call us on +65 6264 2644/+65 9450 0984.

We understand that placing your trust in our personnel is central and essential to your security. To that end, we ensure that we conduct the most thorough background checks on our officers initially and periodically to assure you of their honesty. Thus, Volantra officers have all perfectly passed through:

Criminal Record Background Checks

Previous conviction should not always raise a red flag, but there are insurance and legal issues that influence the decision to hire a prospective guard that has been convicted of a crime, no matter how minor the crime.

The checks also go through the sex offender database to ascertain if minors can be left in their care.

Training and Qualification Certificates

We believe unique skillsets belong to unique situations, so our full background checks help us to sort the adequacies of officers to determine how suited they’ll be to your situation.

Their driving competencies are also measured through their driving records. People that have violated traffic laws on several occasions cannot be Volantra officers.

License and Permit Inspections

There’s a nationally regulated system for security guard training in effect. This system governs the qualification and level of skill that guards can be classified by. These formal training courses must be strictly adhered to before consideration at Volantra, and all licenses and permits must be accounted for.

Investigation of Credit Situation

This is the consideration given to confirm that the officer is on good financial standing before hiring. In cases where guards have to handle cash and comparable valuables, they can be the security risks if they are not devoid of ill motivations.

Records from Place of Previous Employment

Being able to secure you isn’t good enough of a service, Volantra officers are hired after the recommendations from their previous places of employment have verified that they are affable and free of violent conduct with regard to clients and their charges.

Volantra officers are normally and responsibly decked in our provided uniforms for reasons more than the obvious aesthetics alone. The uniform makes it easy to recognize the presence of security in a location and that can reassure and comfort the minds of the clients at the time of need.

However, if your needs require the officer to don off the proud vestige of Volantra, that can certainly be arranged.

At Volantra, security officers are trained and retrained to ensure that they can always competently deal with situations and keep people and valuables safe. We understand that a lack of training or fitness can ultimately be fatal, and that would be a stain on our imperious reputation. So, our officers are trained in:

First Aid

It’s surprising, but we’re not too proud to ignore any possibilities. Our officers are knowledgeable in basic first aid and can improvise in an emergency to make sure lives are saved.

Focus Tests and Situational Awareness

Volantra security officers go through measures of stress management examinations to make sure that they are always alert. Security guards do not have the luxury of losing concentration or of ever taking a foot off the pedal, and that can build up the tension in their systems. So Volantra officers go through periodic counseling and meditation sessions to release stress and get deeper focus.

At the same time, our officers have been trained enough to identify any threats in proximity with stunning speed. This way, they can decide the most efficient way to deal with the suspicious item or person without disturbing the client. We believe that you deserve a good rest, peaceful work or an undeterred event, and we make sure it stays that way.

To keep our officers trained, fit and motivated at all times, we offer the best security services by employing state-of-the-art supervisory techniques to keep up their professionalism. The supervision includes:

  • Random post checks through Volantra Field Supervisors, and
  • Tour tracking systems – a software-based real-time monitoring service to be kept abreast of any developments and to make sure the officers do their patrols.

Well-run security operations depend on a wealth of data. By logging daily and reporting noteworthy activities, special events and visits, latter investigations, underlying threats, and suspicious patterns can be discovered. Thus, Volantra security officers are adept at taking careful notes of all instances, accidents, and incidents that occur.

It will please you to know that Volantra Services are legally covered by the possession of valid:

  • General Business License – for authority to conduct financial operations and tax monitoring,
  • Security Service and Security Vendor’s Licenses – for authority to provide security,
  • Security Officer Licenses – all individual officers are licensed professionals.

Our security service has extensive general liability exposure in effect. This means that we are contracted with a dedicated insurance team to cover for all parties in case of any eventualities.

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